Cake with Love

What is your Deposit/Cancellation Policy?

Deposits are required before your order gets entered into our calendar. For Celebration cakes deposits are 50% of the total order with remainder due at pickup. For Weddings deposits are either 50% or a flat fee which will be determined based on the size of the order with the remainder due 1 week prior to delivery.
We understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances may come into play and you may need to cancel. At that point it is up to the company’s discretion as to whether or not any refund may occur. However, as a general rule all deposits are non refundable. If you need to change the date of your event the deposit may be pulled forward to the new date if it is available. We do our best to accommodate our customers but we also can’t work miracles in the chances that we are completely booked at the time of your new date.

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